Kickoff essentials

I’m putting together a package of stuff to distribute to the members of my team who are bringing their computers to kickoff. So far, I have:

  • The encrypted manual
  • Selected past manuals
  • Summaries of past games
  • Guide to reading and getting information out of the manual
  • Guide/steps to analyzing generic [this years’] game

What else should I put in there?

  1. A place to write down/take a picture of the password once it is released.
  2. If you’re a mentor, any required rosters and consent forms.
  3. I always like to bring a pencil and a pad of paper to jot down ideas and to strategize.

Maybe one of these Manuals/PDF’s that fits your team’s “style” well.
Also, you should consider getting a bunch of team members to go hang out somewhere afterwards to talk about it. A lot of members on 461 eat at Taco Bell that night.

I assume this is a data package, e.g. a zip file attached to an email, right? Maybe if it’s not too large, you could include game animations and robot design files.

Zip file hosted on dropbox, so yeah. The whole 60 person team is staying for brainstorming until 5:00, so thats not an issue.

EDIT: I’ll throw in a link to the Chief Delphi rules forum, and also the data for a team IRC channel later that night.

I would recommend telling members to bring the manual on both a laptop and a flash drive, as I’ve had people who had one or the other but no game manual and it’s rather appreciable to give a copy to them.*&lang=en-US

If anyone wants to use it, here it is!

There is a house address in one of the files from the .zip package, I’m not sure if you were aware of releasing that publicly. Thanks for the useful information!

It’s not that big of a deal, I mean, it’s in the phone book.

True. Just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:

What’s a phone book? :wink:

Mountain. Dew.

Enough said.

Seriously: paper,pen, manual, rosters, a way to re-watch the animation/kickoff

Like Duke, we used to love get some food and just sit and chat about the game and what we thought would be the best course of action.