Kickoff Event Webcast

That’s really the only thing I’ve found. You can use it for 30 days for free if that helps any. :slight_smile:

He is saying that you need to get NASA TV from cable or satellite rather than from the internet because the quality will be better.

our team was able to get a minor sponsorship in the local cable company in the fact that they are waving the installation fees for us when they install the cable in our temporary warehouse. we are just getting the NASA channel from now through kick off end of build season.

thats another reason why we are trying to get the webcast. I mean only four people from our team are getting a chance to go official kickoff event, and most of us don’t have access to NASA channel. So webcast is the onyl and best option. As far as the quality goes, its not that good, but better than nothing.
ONLY 10 MORE DAYS TO GO!!>…wo wow excited

Just saw this.

What I can’t find anywhere is a list of remote kickoff venues.

I assume there will be a kickoff at New Hampshire, but If I was a rookie from the west coast, I’d be pretty confused on how and where to get the kickoff information. I expect that there will be something at San Jose State, but there is nothing on the WRRF pages, nothing on FIRST, nothing on NASA about where to go.

would anyone be interested in getting the entire kick-off on dvd?

Our school is an official kick-off location and we will be recording the kick-off on a dvr so we can burn it to dvd.

Heres a link to the FIRST page as to where all the local kickoffs will be held. Al i hope this helps,

2006 FRC Local Kickoff Information

Finally kick off is about 13 hours away.

Just thought this would be helpful to some people.

Good Luck everyone

ill be logging in to watch
it will be around midnight here for me in japan but i cant miss out

I just went to that site and saw this information: If you are not able to get NASA TV at your location and you have a group of people watching a big screen of the webcast and want a better quality stream please email Seth Carter at for stream information. - I e-mailed him but it’s so late he probably won’t see my e-mail. If anyone has info that they can share with me, please PM or e-mail me. We just discovered that we cannot view the kickoff via satellite as planned since it cannot bring in the digital satellite feed and we’re having to switch to webcast in a large auditorium. I’ll be checking online tomorrow morning early before I leave. Thanks.

I have this information, I will forward you the email.

Thanks for the info!

My team won’t be having any thing today. They can’t pick up the channel or something. They want all of us to watch it on the web. They said that the’re going to record it over some person’s house, then let us watch it on monday. I’m going to watch some of it from my computor.

I know it’s late, but if anyone has this information and could pass it on to me via PM we’d really appreciate it. Our whole team is meeting in the school auditorium and we recently found out that the cable provider no longer offers the NASA channel like last year, so we’ll be watching the webcast on a big screen. If there’s a high quality feed that would really help. Thanks in advance!

The downloadable files are available at the same page you went to see the webcast:

The Aim High animation is available in 3 sizes:
and 6MB

The FIRST kickoff video is available in
Windows Media Player format , 292 MB,
and RealMedia format , 235MB.