Kickoff in Louisville?

I recently moved to Louisville and was hoping someone knows a good place to view kickoff. I might not be able to do anything else this year but would like to go to see kickoff with other FIRSTers.

Thanks to all,

I think the closest location for you is at IUPUI, in Indianapolis.

The Cinncinati area has FIRST folks.

They aren’t next door, but they are within driving distance for important events.

Perhaps talk to some of the professors at the U of L Speed School? (Or at UK).

PS: Southern Illinois U. (pretty far) might be an option

The FIRST web site has a “What Teams and Events are in My Area” function that shows more than one team in/near Lousiville,

Team 3000, Jeffersontown High School, is meeting on Saturday morning for the kickoff, provided that the snow doesn’t shut the school down. We’re down on the southeast side of Louisville. There is also a team in Oldham County, but I don’t have any contact information on them.

2783 would be glad to have you join us on Saturday. We’ll be meeting in Buckner (30mins from downtown), with the NASA feed on a fairly large TV. Nothing fancy, but fellow FIRSTers we are. PM me if you’re interested.

  • Mike