Kickoff is running again, @ 11:50 am - NOT ANY MORE!!! :(

If you missed it the FIRST time, you can watch it again.

They are acting like TBS here, and running programming back to back.

edit: They stopped it, at the two hour mark. I guess NASA only gave FIRST 2 hours of programming time…

I retract my previous thought of watching it again… :frowning:

It’s good though. I know most of my college friends probably slept through the first broadcast :wink: Now, when you all get home, it will probably still be on!

I was recording it on the TIVO about to burn it do DVD for the team too :frowning:

Don’t worry, it chould come on again at 2 PM

Sadly I went for my 5 - hr mandatory driving class and missed the kickoff - as if that wasn’t bad enough I put a tape in the VCR to record what I’ve missed only to find out that NASA had a cra**y video feed this year. I caught the beginning and end of the program but nothing in the center. When it aired the second time thats all I caught was the beginning and end. Thank God for Streamline video for MP10 =)