Kickoff Location

Just something interesting I just saw on the event schedule page: kickoff is going to be held at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

Not sure what that means for kickoff attendees but I thought it was interesting.


Holiday Inn last year was a pretty good place for the kickoff… the place seems pretty big enough, and the NASA broadcast was able to do online live broadcast with a truck at the back of the hotel…

I guess this means no more going downstair from the rooms in the Holiday Inn to breakfast, and stop by the big room where Dean and Woodie reveal the game when you feel like it :wink:

I am guess they are doing it at a new place because it’s better for broadcasting the kickoff across the country at remote kickoffs…


I didn’t see that… I’m glad they are making use of the new civic center… that should make for a very cool kickoff… without the size problems they had last year (standing room only)

I’m hitting there for a concert on nov19… so i’ll be able to see how sweet of a place that will be… :stuck_out_tongue:

Will the workshops still be held in the Holiday Inn anybody know?