Kickoff Soundtrack

Does anyone know what the music in the 2008 kickoff video (seen here the part that I want starts at 0:55) is called? I want to use it for our sponsorship video this year.

Personally, I would just use the video as a warm up and when it cuts out to FIRST just edit the footage and put sponsor under it somehow. I think that would be perfect. That video already does enough justice. I don’t understand why you would make a different one. Although if thats not your idea, I can rip the audio straight from the video.

If you are going to directly use FIRST’s video you should probably e-mail someone there to make sure that you have the right to use their work, that would also be the person to get the song info from.

While it’s great to use pre-found music it usually comes tied to a copyright which can carry hefty fines if violated. I would suggest searching Creative Commons for some music that you can use legally for free. I usually choose the jamendo tab and search their multinational tracks using various buzzwords like techno etc.