Kickoff Video

Where do I find the kick off video? Not the short animation.


And where can I get the short game animation?

Here is the short I need the whole kick off many people coming soon!

The live broadcast is over, & should be archived soon. Give NASA time to encode it correctly & put it up on their servers.

Then check here:

& here:

& here:

It will more than likely be there, as those are the key places it has been archived in the past!

Does any team have an archive on their site yet? We messed up encoding it ourselves and are scrambling to find the video.

At least the speeches didn’t seem as long or boring than last year.

Also, Dean didn’t look sickly this year!

(He looked really tired last year, didn’t he?)

The closed captioning was entertaining though. NASA channel employees need to drink more coffee.

I posted the entire game video, not just the animation, on youtube. try

Homsar66, the link does not seem to be working. Could you please try again?

Thanks from Thunder Down Under!

the youtube link works, though a higher quality one would be appreciated.

With all due respect… I would recommend deleting it from YouTube. FIRST will have it on their YT channel, and they really do frown on people infringing on their copyright.

To be fair… although I don’t know how FIRST had it set up, Closed Captioning is usually done by a third-party company that just listens to audio over the phone. (Sorry, I was a broadcast engineer)

Does anyone have that video that was played at the beginning of kickoff? The one with the volcano and the meteor and stuff? We might be able to get it played at our school for the video announcements.

In past years, the intro piece has been posted on the FIRST website in the FRC Communications Resource Center. There is a Video Clips section. I just checked, and they don’t have this year’s intro up yet, but they do have the intro from Lunacy up.

Anyone have a link to the codec for the video? i can’t get it to play, and it won’t go and find it like it did on my home pc.