Kickoff Weather

As in past years, here comes the New England weather just in time for kickoff. Snow, Snow, Snow. I can only remember 1 time in the past 10 years that the New England weather cooperated. It’s either snowing or we’re in a deep freeze. I hope other remote kickoff locations are doing better.

It’s all part of the master plan developed by the GDC. I’ve heard that DEKA is working with Halliburton on a weather machine and the Gov’t only allows testing on the second weekend in January. :rolleyes:

Ooh, fun! Nice and chilly, can’t wait!
(YES, that’s sarcasm. Snow’s nice, but it shouldn’t interfere with Robotics.)

Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi is the same as always. Mild and humid!

(I want to change my username to Locke now :frowning: , you have to love Ender’s Game)

Last year in Rochester at the kickoff at Kodak, There was a pretty good blizzard that occured.

And a bunch of really REALLY awesome members of awesome teams held a tailgate party in said blizzard. It was like tailgaiting for a Bufflo Bills game. Windy, cold, lots of snow, way too early in the morning.

Oh no! I checked the weather and we are going to have to deal with 61 and sunny in San Diego. How will we survive???

But then, our team is up at 4AM to make the 2 hour drive to San Diego for the kickoff. I guess we still have it better than our friends in Hawaii.

You get those extra hours at the end of build. Every minute counts :smiley:

We’ve had to really pick up the pace since the Soviet Union collapsed, and the Russians don’t control our weather for us any more.

Wasn’t it just outsourced to China?

Oh, so young and innocent! I seem to recall (before my time, of course ;)) that when Sputnik went up there was some talk about how the Soviets were going to change the weather with it. China outsourcing came much later. They were, of course, the expert in earthquake making. Luckily they could never coordinate everyone to jump off chairs at the same time.

I just know that the years I think I’d like to go to Dean’s house party the Friday night before Kickoff, there is always a snowstorm of some sort. I gotta stop wanting to go see Dean’s house.

Well here in Israel it’s all bright and sunny sadly, would’ve appreciated some snow ):

Looks like our weather forecast here in Austin includes rain and mild temps in the low 60s.

I don’t mind rain in Austin; we can always use it. Thing is, folks forget what umbrellas are, in between rains.


New England is a fickle mistress, one day we get rain while it’s sunny, the next, it snows 7 feet. >.> Exaggeration? Maybe, but you get my point.

Good luck everyone (especially the Northeast).

It’s still in the 60’s here in Texas. I don’t see anything getting in our way…

Good thing our Kickoff building is green and doesn’t have heating or cooling :ahh:

Exactly! You can go to bed and it be freezing, leave for work at 6 and it is wicked warm. Or just start snowing without being on the forecasters schedule for another few days.

40’s-50’s and partly cloudy for kickoff in san jose

sounds like winter to me

In the Dallas area it is supposed to get in the middle teens some time this weekend. :ahh: :yikes:

I certainly hope not :yikes: I dont own any long sleeve shirts.

I don’t even know what Michigan will get. I could check, but by the time Saturday rolls around, it’ll have changed again :rolleyes:

Current forcast here in MN for Saturday is +7 and snowing. On the bright side, that’s about 30 degrees wamer than last year. Even better, I get to stay home and watch this year due to the shortage of seats at the kickoff, so I don’t have to get on a school bus with no heat at 6 AM. Last year I could not feel my toes by 6:30 AM…