Kickoff Webcast not working for us

For those of us that can’t get the webcast to work, could some of you that can please post what is happening? It would be greatly appreciated. And I still don’t like our stupid high school computer usage rules…

Thanks a million guys and gals,
Scott and the rest of 935

Sometimes I believe the link will not open until 10:00 am or shortly before, but dont quote me on that, good luck this year and hopefully our team will see you at Nationals, im an alumnus of 999 from Cheshire CT.

I am watching the webcast showing NASA TV, so that seems to be working for me. Can you be more specific about the kind of error you are getting on the computer you are trying to watch from?

The webcast, both the FIRST links and the NASATV links, just time out after a short period of time. Both say “You may be experiencing network problems.” I’m fairly sure it’s the way the school network is set up. Thanks for the help.

This worked for me:

Windows Media video: mms://

Real Media version:

They are playing the 2005 Kickoff right now.

Neither one of those links are working for me, thanks for trying though. If anyone could post important game information as it comes out, it would be appreciated.


This is last year’s kickoff does that mean, theyll probably switch over?

Is anyone else seeing a guy talk about Pluto? Because that is all I am able to get and I’m trying to see how this connects to robotics…


That should be just right. The webcast doesn’t start officially until 10 AM EST, 9 AM CST, 8 AM MST, and 7 AM PST, and traditionally, until the time they say the webcast is supposed to start, they will continue to show what’s on NASA TV. Be patient, it will be here very soon. Glad it’s working out for you.

Ah, I see. I guess my time conversions were wrong. But, at least it’s working now. Thanks again.

Ummm it appears to be that, those 2 files you are refering to are just the 2005 kick off videos.

Your right…

I just tried this link and I get the NASA TV:

It’s now showing the FIRST logo. I could not get the Windows Media version to work, so I switched over the Real Player and it’s fine…

Finally, the first LOGO, omg Montana Heights- explain this to me…can’t wait for one hell of a season, good luck to all the teams, and I hope to see you all at the UTC New England Regional at Harftford, CT if not, at the Nationals in Atlanta, GA.

I’m using Windows Media player, and I see the logo and hear the song. 8 minutes!!! (if they start on time)

15 seconds to go…FIRST 06 HERE WE COME

Yea, I am watching on Windows Media Player and it works fine. It is lagging, compared to the TV broadcast, but only about 15 seconds. Pretty good quality too. Try these links
Good Luck everyone

Woot, we get a digital camera!

Dave is talking about new stuff for the kit (29 minutes in)
New software capabilities
NatInt donates Lab View to track and log performance tools
New motors
Upgraded controller; 2x memory, 4x code space
Intellitec Easy C graphical programming, can control single outputs
Camera w/ pan tilt unit

Need to use camera! (No surprise)

Picasa (google) has donated digital cameras to each team
UL new safety sponsor

im watching it atm, just dont melt your boards with software this year!!!