Anyone remember if the field drawings are released along with the competition manual or are they released on a different day? I can’t remember 100%, but it wouldn’t make much since if they didn’t.

I’m pretty certain they’re available the same day. If not, within days.

If I remember right, diagrams were part of the files that we got the password to open during kickoff.

Yeah. I do believe you can download them on the same day.

But it’s not uncommon for them to release the building materials needed for the low-cost version before kickoff. That way you can have your lumber & hardware ready to build once you get the specs.

Simultaneously or within a day; some of our mentors are hard at work on Sunday.

It has to be within hours of the kickoff cause I remember seeing images of entire fields already setup.

Field drawings are sent to field construction crews (who are sworn to secrecy) before Kickoff. When the Manual is released to the teams, so are the field drawings. I’m not quite sure whether they’re encrypted for early release or not.

They are released the same time as the rest of the password protected files. We usually have the field built by the end of the day. I would caution you though, we had our totally built and the first update released changed the specs and rebuild a lot of the field. :eek:

Some years the drawings for the low cost field build have been delayed well into the first week due to last minute changes to the field in the days leading up to kickoff. 2004 was the worst offender I can remember with the game simulations the night before kickoff changing the ball coral due to a flaw in the field design. I think they have gotten better about pre-testing the field in subsequent years preventing the missing drawings issue.

Also we haven’t seen a pre-ship field materials list since 2006 I believe. There was controvery about not having it in 2007 until we were told when you see the field you will understand because you may not want to build the whiole thing. After witholding it that year I don’t recall seeing a pre-ship field materials list.