34 days until we all learn what we will lose our minds over for the next 6 weeks. I’m supper pumped and excited for my senior year of FRC :(_ _ _ How is every one doing? Are you guys ready for another year of FIRST???

AMAZING It made me laugh. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is absolutely halarious. I do have one question:
Where is the like button??

I’m pretty nervous for our programming team since they haven’t been taught much, but I’m confident we’ll be ready for build season.

9 days till kickoff! What are you doing for preparation, or to at least pass the time?

Checking Chief Delphi/Bills Blog like a madman.

Its okay. I am too.

I have also designed a Lot of chassis to pass the time…

Aren’t we all? I’ve started dreaming about Kickoff / season. This is about when my parents start to worry about me.

I spent a few good hours researching Social Media, tried to update and improve as much of our team’s and mascot’s Facebook pages, as well as wrote up some proposals for some other ideas for Social Media PR I have.

The worst part is, this really wasn’t on my task list before this morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Preseason CAD. It’ll all be useless after Kickoff, probably, but I need to get faster.

CAD CAD CAD. Can’t wait until #FIRSTmas

Trying to find some thick, cheap mic-6 aluminum plate. I can’t seem to find anything cheaper than $5/lb, and that really doesn’t constitute cheap.

Freaking out!!! Money is always a constant issue…

Reading The New Cool and participating in Fantasy FIRST :] .

and seeing that you know at least five people from the team lists at the back. Despite living ~500 miles from those Michigan teams (HOT and Thunderchickens).

I wonder if Dean is sitting in his home in Manchester and thinking, “Ok. Only 8 more days…8 more days…” like the rest of us.

I think he’s a little busy learning to scuba dive for this years water game. ;).


Lord Dumpling lives on an island…Im sure he knows how to scuba…

Though that helps the idea of a water game more than it hurts it

The first paragraph says enough…