Hey, ok, I’m trying to find more sponsors or fundraising opportunities, and I’ve noticed some teams have had kickstarters in the past. Are we allowed to do that? OwO Thanks in advance! Sorry if this is a stupid question~ :stuck_out_tongue:

It all depends on the team. FIRST has no problem with this avenue of fundraising. If you are attached to a school, check with them before you start something like this. They are sure to have rules about it :slight_smile:

As wilsonmw04 said, always be sure to check with your organization (specific school, 4-H, county system etc.) in regards to fundraising methods. I would also suggest checking out a site called Piggybackr that is geared towards running crowd funding campaigns specifically for student organizations.

FIRST also has a great resource for coming up with new fundraising opportunities with their Fundraising Toolkit. They also hosted a webinar focused on fundraising a little while back. You should be able to find it here

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Thank you both! >w< My team isn’t school affiliated, but I will definitely talk to my mentors about it!~