Killer Bees on 89X

I was driving home from work today and I heard a shout-out to the Killer Bees on 89X. That was pretty cool. FIRST is on the verge of going mainstream, I can feel it :slight_smile:

Jim Kerr, a DJ on a large NY ‘classic rock’ station Q104 (WAXQ 104.3), gave a shout out to the NJ Regional Winners 2 weeks ago. I agree, we’re just a few years from the tipping point…

I received a txt to bee on the look-out, but didn’t get to leave in time. Thanks for the heads up Chris!

P.S. We have been really working on unconventional promotions this year. Some of these include:

GSTV Gas Station TV promotions through Facebook and Twitter
Twitter feeds of events.
Changing our Facebook pics to “robot related” shots (this has brought a ton of buzz throughout each individuals pages)
Church demos
Career Days (brought the bagged bot, and the kids loved it)
and many other items.

This has worked to get a lot of people to come check out an event. This has been really good exposure for FIRST. The proximity of the FiM districts has helped a lot with this too.

My favorite quote of the year “Wow, this isn’t what I thought at all. I was expecting some nerds in the corner of a gym somewhere, but this was like a really big thing.”

Missed it. Would have been awesome to hear it, but unfortunately I only listen to the radio when Im in the car, and thats 10 min to and from work.

Keep up the good work getting FIRST out there!

I head about this on the team’s Twitter :smiley: That’s really awesome. Despite my dislike of 89X, I would have tuned in just to hear it if I hadn’t been at work at the time.

Bees, how did you go about doing this?

Cal is a buddy of mine. He’s a great guy, and was super excited to get the word out for us. Hopefully in the future we can get a couple other shout-outs.

It would be great if we could get other radio stations involved as well. Most are very friendly and helpful if you call ahead of time. Some even have times where they announce local events. Might be cool if we could get all the events announced on radio stations all over the country.