Kinect CAD Model

Hey guys. Here’s a Kinect CAD model from Team 987, for those looking for an accurate reference.

Enjoy! (4.16 MB) (4.16 MB)

That. is. amazing.
Fantastic work guys, you should be proud.
How’d you do the B? Did you custom sketch it yourself?

low whistle That looks really freaking sexiii. I modeled one in Inventor, but it looks NOTHING like that one. My hat is off to you!

What the…

Looks like we dont have to take a picture of an actual kinect anymore…



How?..We have a great crew of kids working with SolidWorks led by our talented Senior Eric who was tasked with reproducing the Kinect. He did it in less than 2 hours today!


Well, there goes my self-esteem :frowning:

Just kidding.

Thanks for the CAD model 987! We are well into vision-aided targeting using the Kinect this year. This CAD model helped us put the Kinect in a particularly tight spot on our launch platform.

Attached is the imported Inventor CAD render – not as pretty but it works. (2.53 MB) (2.53 MB)

It looks amazing.
I needed the model for references on dimensions. But I am not able to open it in my Solid Works 2010 edition. Please save it in a portable format and send the file/link to my id: [email protected]
It will be highly appreciated.
I assure you its not for any commercial use either. I am unable to get hold of a kinect and hence my inability to measure and model it.

I know of no way to save as a legacy file. Apparently SolidWorks deliberately excludes this feature. What file format do you suggest? I have heard that Parasolid files aren’t backwards compatible either.

Spambots getting better?