Kinect Competetion

Well our team was hoping to use a kinect for the hybrid. We are using java. We keep getting the error “Output is not updating enough”. Does anyone know how to fix this. Also I had a question on how the kinect is hooked up in competetion. I know it is on another computer, but how is it hooked up to your robot. Do we need a drivers station that we can use that meets the requirements of the kinect. So does that mean teams can’t use the class mate computer. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

We got that error with the camera when we weren’t on the latest version of the software. Have you checked if you are up to date?

The Kinect and your robot communicate wirelessly. Just like the driver station Classmate and your robot communicate wirelessly. I might be misunderstanding this part of your question.

FIRST is supplying the Kinect for competition so I’m sure they are supplying any other wires needed to use it. The Classmate can still be used as your “real” driver station.

Though the Classmate does not meet the “Specifications” of the Kinect SDK, the FRC Kinect stuff will run on the Classmate, but it will certainly run better on a better computer.

Regarding the output not updating often enough, make sure you have a loop around your Kinect code to get the new inputs and update the outputs.

So if we want to test out the kinect we can use it on another laptop. And at competition how will they know our robot is the one communicating with the kinect. Also could someone please post some code to make the output update more thanks.

There’s a Kinect Stick Example in the FRC Java Examples in Netbeans that should work.

We are learning from it, but when we try to test we get the output not enough error.

hello everybody the question is can we use the kinect as a basket tracker