Kinect during autonomous?

Are we allowed to use he kinect during autonomous to indicate the hot goal via human player? The year he kinect came out it was allowed during autonomous so am wondering if it is still allowed to be used in such a manner? From the way the rules are written since no control device is being worn or held it still seems a legal way to send commands to the robot during auto

Yes you can per Q&A 55

Q.Are we allowed to use the kinect as part of our driver station during autonomous mode this year?
A.There are no rules prohibiting this.

I don’t believe the Kinect is going to be set up like it was in 2012 from a field setup perspective. You can use the Kinect on your robot during any part of the match.

You are correct that there is no Kinect station like 2012. You can still use it on your driver station however. Just make sure to tell your alliance partners not to walk in front of you during autonomous or some crazy things may happen :slight_smile:

well the way i have it programmed is just for hot goal detection. The driver has 1/2 after auto starts to raise either left or right hand above head to trigger which goal is hot. so it won’t be doing anything and worst case scenario we get 3 non hot goals instead of 3 hot goals lol