Kinect Help

Hello Everyone!

Today we started testing our Kinect with the sample KinectStick code (We program in C++). We setup the kinect and the skeleton displays fine on the dashboard and the Y-axis movement is shown accurately in the readouts beneath the skeletal viewer as we move our arms . However, whenever we try to access the KinectStick via our program, using stick.GetY(), it would only display 0 (we printed the value to the smart dashboard). We got this error whenever the robot was initialized:

ERROR: Error reading NetworkTables socket: errno=54 Read() in C:/WindRiver/workspace/WPILib/NetworkTables/Reader.cpp at line 70

Here is the code we used (it’s the exact same as the KinectStick example except two lines added for the Smart Dashboard):

#include "WPILib.h"

 * This code demonstrates the use of the KinectStick
 * class to drive your robot during the autonomous mode
 * of the match, making it a hybrid machine. The gestures
 * used to control the KinectStick class are described in the
 * "Getting Started with the Microsoft Kinect for FRC" document
class RobotDemo : public SimpleRobot
	RobotDrive myRobot; // robot drive system
	KinectStick leftArm;	//The Left arm should be constructed as stick 1
	KinectStick rightArm; 	//The Right arm should be constructed as stick 2
	Joystick stick;			//Joystick for teleop control

		myRobot(1, 2),	// these must be initialized in the same order
		leftArm(1),		// as they are declared above.

	 * Drive left & right motors for 2 seconds then stop
	void Autonomous(void)
		bool exampleButton;
		/*A loop is necessary to retrieve the latest Kinect data and update the motors */
             * KinectStick axis values are accessed identically to those of a joystick
             * In this example the axis values have been scaled by ~1/3 for safer
             * operation when learning to use the Kinect.
            myRobot.TankDrive(leftArm.GetY()*.33, rightArm.GetY()*.33);
            SmartDashboard::GetInstance()->Log(leftArm.GetY(), "LeftArm");
            SmartDashboard::GetInstance()->Log(rightArm.GetY(), "RightArm");
            /* An alternative illustrating that the KinectStick can be used just like a Joystick */
            //myRobot.TankDrive(leftArm, rightArm);

            /*Example illustrating that accessing buttons is identical to a Joystick */
            exampleButton = leftArm.GetRawButton(1);

            Wait(.01); /* Delay 10ms to reduce processing load */

	 * Runs the motors with arcade steering. 
	void OperatorControl(void)
		while (IsOperatorControl())
			myRobot.ArcadeDrive(stick); // drive with arcade style (use right stick)
			Wait(0.005);				// wait for a motor update time


Has anyone been able to get the Kinect and the KinectStick objects working? Thanks!

The network tables are used (among other things) sending data between the robot and laptop for the SmartDashboard. So can you just verify that you also get those errors without logging to the SmartDashboard?

Also, if you are using an incorrect gesture, like arms out of alignment, you’ll also get zeroes back. Can you verify that? The driver station and default dashboard will show feedback to tell you if the gestures are being correctly interpreted.