Kinect lag?

So, we have decided to start using the Microsoft Kinect because we thought it would be useful in the chamiponships. We have run into a problem though, there is about a 1 second delay between movements. Does anyone know if this happeded with the Kinects at compatition or is it just our computer.

Thanks team # 1831

The Kinect at competition is the same Kinect you have and the computer processing the data is your computer so if you see lag at home you will see it on the field. Ctrl+Alt+Delete brings up the Task Manager, if your CPU is at 100% your computer is a contributing factor in the lag.

Using a faster computer as a Driver Station will improve your Kinect response time.
That’s the primary driving factor.

Just seconding what Mark said. We saw this in our shop using an atom based driver station. I set up the kinect stuff and driver station on my programming laptop and the lag was gone.