Kinect not connecting to Dashboard

We had the kinect functioning properly before, but due to a misunderstanding, all the relevant files were deleted. I’m fairly certain we’ve reinstalled everything necessary, yet when we plug the kinect in while running the driver station, the diagnostics light remains grey with a “kinect not plugged in” or red with a “timed out” or “not ready” message. refreshing the server doesn’t work.

We have the kinect sdk and related components installed, and the sample skeletal viewer works fine.

I’ve tried reinstalling the kinect server, and that doesn’t work either.

If you re-downloaded the Kinect SDK you may have gotten the new version which won’t work with the FRC Kinect Server. Make sure you have the Beta 2 version, there’s a link in the bottom right of the Kinect for Windows download page that says “Looking for the Beta”. If you’re sure you have the right version, go to the Program Files\FRC Kinect Server folder and double click the Debug Mode shortcut, it may help you figure out if the Server is erroring out.

we’ve reinstalled the correct sdk and kinect server, and it’s working now.