Kinect on the Driver Station in Autonomous

Can a Kinect be used to control the robot during autonomous?

The rules seem a bit ambiguous.

During AUTO, any control devices worn or held by the DRIVERS must be disconnected from the OPERATOR CONSOLE.

Violation: FOUL

G17 seems to imply that a Kinect can be used because a driver would not be directly touching a control device.

AUTO (aka Autonomous): the first ten (10) seconds of the MATCH in which ROBOTS operate without direct DRIVER control.

I think the answer will be what constitutes direct DRIVER control in the above sentence.

As per Q55 in the Q and A, there are no rules prohibiting the use of the Kinect in the driver station during autonomous.

Wouldn’t the robot not really be acting autonomously then? Wouldn’t whatever the drivers are doing in front of the Kinect be translated to actual commands to the robot, and therefore the driver would be the one controlling it?

This was implemented in 2012, and the period was called “hybrid.” Yes it’s not fully technically “autonomous,” but you can use the Kinect.

Nice! I never knew that. Good to know!