Kinect Problems (Please Help :)

We are trying to get the Kinect to work for hot mode auto. I am going to have the code look for my hands being tracked for 5 seconds. If they do get tracked then drive forward and shoot if not wait 5 seconds and then drive forward anyway. The Kinect 2013 server is installed and the box around the Kinect on the driver station is green. When I get in front of the sensor one of the stick men turn green. The problem is that when I try to run simulated bot even with no Kinect code on either the dashboard side or the robot side the simulated robot program crashes as soon as someone stands in front of the sensor. I tried running just the default 2014 dashboard and robot code and we get the same result, as soon as someone stands in front of the sensor we lose connection with the simulated bot. Labview at this point is maxing out a thread of my processor indicating some infinite loop. I have to end program manually to get out. We are going to try to run it on the Crio this evening to see if that will change anything instead of running it on the simulated bot. Anyone had this experience or know how to fix it? I am running labview obviously. Thanks in advance for your help.

So the problem is that you must be connected to a CRIO for the Kinect to work. It will not work with the simulation part of labview. I sure am glad!!! See yall today at the finals!!!