Kinect processing.

I was wondering if the Kinect processing is done on the classmate or another computer at the competition? We have been using another computer which process the data fine but our classmate becomes close to unusable if we do it on the Kinect. If it isn’t can we bring another computer to process it during a competition.

The Kinect processing is done on the computer that you plug the USB cable into. At a competition, that will be the computer you are using for your DS. This doesn’t need to be the Classmate, and in fact, I’d encourage you to use a faster computer if you have one.

Greg McKaksle

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Will do!

Just wanted to give my 2 cents; the answer above is correct.

Team 3922 used the Kinect for all of our hybrid portions of the game. They give you a long USB cable that goes from the Kinect Station into whatever computer is handeling your DS.

We used a classmate and experience delays in robot responses - could be either slow speed of classmate or just general Kinect buggyness.

Good luck!

I wouldn’t call it Kinect bugginess. The task of analyzing the video streams and tracking the human skeleton is a tough problem. The computer specs that MS lists for the SDK are quite a bit more powerful than a classmate. The end-result is that the Kinect processing will work but has more lag and lower framerate than it would on a faster computer.

Greg McKaskle

That what I figured. I ran it on a MacBook Pro running Windows and we went from 3-6FPS to 30-35FPS. So that’s the machine we are gonna use. So excited to test it out tomorrow in Vegas!