Kinect programming LabView

we are trying to program a code that will use the kinect to start the motors and control theyre’s speed.

we are using LabView 2012, and if someone could show us the easiest way to make it possible to control the motors with the kinect in labview by simply raising our hands, we will really appreciate it.

Well, we are about to test our kinect on our robot this afternoon (after school) with the sample program that they gave us to test.

We’re going to see if the default program works, or not…

I’ve attatched the program folder with the project sample.

I hope this helps!!!

LabVIEW Kinect (256 KB)

LabVIEW Kinect (256 KB)

Thank you for answering so fast.
about the example - we tried to use it with the driver station and the robot, we’ve noticed that in the LabView the motors did not recieve any of the values from the kinect, nothing at all.

we could not get it to work, if you will, please tell us what we’ve done wrong.

If the dashboard’s Kinect tab shows a skeleton and the yellow sliders move with arm movements, the same values should show up on the robot as the Kinect joysticks.

Greg Mckaskle