Kinect Server Crash

FRC team 1334 programming here, and we are having a hard time keeping the kinect server alive. Whenever we start up the driver station, Windows 7 tells us that the KinectServer.exe has stopped working. We need the kinect server to tell the driver station that there is a kinect connected and to send/recieve data. We have reinstalled it multiple times with no luck. We have checked the environment variables and everything checks out. The kinect sdk works, we have tried the samples that come with it. We are using a 64 bit version of windows on a non-classmate laptop. Any help?

When it crashes, do you get a window popup that offers additional detail?
If it directs you to some temporary files could you zip them up and post them here?

Those files will have clues.

What make/model/specs of PC/laptop?
Administrator account?

Have you downloaded the Kinect SDK in the last two days by any chance? Microoft updated the SDK and it may not work with the FRC Kinect Server. I found the Beta 2 version still available here:

This has been reported on PCs running XP, but I haven’t heard of it on Windows 7. More computer specs please?

We were also having the same problem with in the DS, although prepackaged sample programs ran fine on Developer. Turns out we had the recently updated SDK. Uninstalled everything Kinect-related and went back to the Beta2 and its working. From FIRST: