Kinect Stick buttons not responding

The information on Kinect says that calling kinectStick.GetRawButton() should respond to various body movements based on the button number but we have not been able to get any of them to work in C++.

Are the Y-axis values responding? Are you seeing the Kinect “green man” on your dashboard? Did you see the team update a little while ago about setting your DS to Compatible mode for the Cypress board if no Cypress board is present?

Yes, the Y axis (arm movements) do respond and we do see the green man skeleton on the dashboard. But I was not aware of the “compatible mode” setting so will have to look into that.

My understanding of that issue is you will not get Kinect data at all if that is the problem. The Dashboard shows the status for the first 3 Kinect buttons, I would try making sure you can light one of them up and seeing if the state in code matches the state in the Dashboard.

It also looks like the code doesn’t match the comments. The comments say buttons 1-12, but the code appears to implement 0-11.

Another thing might be that the button you are using is not reliable. My experience is that movements are sketchy, but the leg out movements are reliable.

I have been testing out to what numbers the movements correspond, and this is what I have:

Thanks for the suggestions. I should have an opportunity to check them out tomorrow.

Thanks to all for your suggestions. The arms seem to work fine and we did get the buttons to work sometimes but they still don’t seem very reliable. Using Kinect rather than KinectStick and looking for some leg movements seems to be a more reliable way to do things in order to have some movements in addition to the arms.