Kinect Usage during matches

At the San Diego regional the Kinect generally went unused. I saw one use of it during an elimination match and never during a qualification match (although I was in the pit most of the day so can’t verify this was completely true).

Have the other Week 1 regionals made any particularly good use of the Kinect system? While scouting and strategizing, the general consensus for a team capable of scoring autonomous was “why bother??”

There has been some recent discussion of what teams have/are planning to use the Kinect during Hybrid mode in this thread:

At Kettering, as far as I know, there was not a single team that used the Kinect during a match, including Teams 494 and 70, from whom a particular mentor was - and is, from what I understand - quite fond of the idea of using the Kinect.

I only saw one team use it during any match at the GKC regional, I believe it was 1730, but i’m not certain.

We used it during qualifications and eliminations at San Diego. One problem that it solved during hybrid was securing the 12 point bonus. We thought that if we scored purely autonomous during hybrid that our shots may interfere with those of other robots, so we decided to use the kinect. This allowed our robot to score in between or after our alliance scored during hybrid.