Kinect Won't work

I installed the Kinect Beta, the Microsoft Visual 2010 C# Express, and it won’t work with the skeletal veiwer or the driver station.

When I open the skeletal viewer, I get the message “Could not create DIrect3D surface. Please ensure the DirectX runtime is instelled.” So I installed the DirectX runtime, but I get the same error.

What do?

Try the Skeletal Viewer - WPF example instead.

The Kinect Sample game sort of works though, so I don’t know whats up.

The Skeletal Viewer example (non-WPF version) uses hardware DirectX acceleration. If your graphics card doesn’t support the necessary features, it won’t run.

So… What is the wpf and where can I get it?

Also, showdn’t the netbook be able to use the kinect if it’s included in the kit?

It can. Use the Skeletal Viewer WPF example located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Kinect\v1.0 Beta2\Samples\bin

Ok, so that worked, but the driver station still can’t find the kinect

Have you installed the Kinect Server? It can be found in the WPILib project at if not.