Kinect WPI library error 7

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else has gotten an error when trying to use the Get Kinect Extra VI provided with the new labview. The error traces back to the getDynamicControlData function, which has no path specified under “Library name or path”. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many Thanks.

I have not tested it in a few weeks, and I unfortunately didn’t bring my Kinect home. If the error is truly claiming you don’t have an FRC_NetworkCommunications.out file, then very little will work on that cRIO. Do the other Kinect VIs work?

Greg McKaskle

Are you trying to run this code on the cRIO or targeted to the computer? Those VIs appear to be meant for the cRIO.

we’re attempting to run the VIs on a computer because we don’t want to set up the cRIOs right now. Our team leader says it will take too long.

That won’t work. The vast majority of the WPILib VIs will not run targeted to the computer without some (and for many heavy) modification. You’re going to need to set up your cRIO if you want to test out the WPILib VIs.

I’m willing to go through heavy modification… problem is, I’m not experienced enough to know how. The rest of the team is busy prototyping to stop and set up a cRIO for us to play with. so, i guess we’re screwed… :P:(