Kinect x-axis

How is the x axis used from the Kinect? Not how is it programmed, but what motion is it?

I’ve looked at the picture that shows the axes, but I don’t know what to make of the x-axis.

Note: The KinectStick class returns 0 on the x-axis unless you edit the Kinect Server

Assuming you are talking about joint coordinates, if you are looking at the Kinect device and it is looking at you, the Z-axis is towards or away from the Kinect, the Y-axis is height and the X-axis is left-right.

The x-axis is the distance from the center of the with the right being +1 and the left being -1. the y value is the same with the with the top of the image +1 and the bottom -1. the z axis is a little bit more tricky, it is the value you are from the sensor, so i took the value of the spine and subtracted it from the hand (if your using it), the value differential from you spine with your arm straight forward is about 0.5

Your directions are correct, however the Kinect axis values are not normalized in the manner you suggest. They are values in meters, if you stand far away from the device and move left or right to the edges of what the Kinect can see you should be able to get values over/under 1/-1

true i didnt think about that