Do you think that teams will be allowed to mount the Kinect on the robot for this year’s competition?

I don’t think that there was ever a rule prohibiting it, honestly.

Teams were allowed to mount the Kinect on their robots this year (see 987’s implementation).

I think that you needed to put a computer on your robot and figure out how to conect it to your router or crio, correct?

Yes, 3309 put a Zotac motherboard with an Intel Atom processor on our robot last year. Unfortunately our implementation of tracking was flawed and did not work with clear backboards, only with our wooden ones. But yes, you need some form of computer, I know at least one team used a Panda Board, or you could try using a Raspberry Pi depending on how taxing your tracking program is.

So how did you go about sending the prossesed data to the crio?

As said before, there was never a rule against mounting the kinect onto the robot.

I think the real question regarding the kinect is how they will work it into the game differently than last year. From what I heard, correct me if I am wrong, the powers that be weren’t happy about the minimum use the kinect saw last year, and that it will be a bigger factor this upcoming year.

Or, at least, more tempting to use somehow.

I don’t want to turn this into another game speculation thread, but possibly a slightly longer auton period or an auton period with somewhat of a more random factor where having human input through the kinect would be simpler then a preprogrammed auton. Just something that would put more emphisis on kinect use.

To answer the OP - I think it will be perfectly legal to mount it on your robot again, and possibly even encouraged

We programmed our robot in Java and used TCP sockets along with JSON data. The relevant robot-side code can be found here and the “server” side should be in our GitHub project should be called RobotVision. I have better examples of JSON+TCP code that I can send if you would like.