Kit 28-tooth sprockets

Our team, team 706, has been looking everywhere for two more of the kit’s 28-tooth sprockets! We can’t find them anywhere! Can anyone tell us a good site to order them? Please link me right to the page!

Thank you so much,
Team 706.

I do not know a website where you can order those specific sprockets, but you could try posting it in the CD-Swap.

Those sprockets are custom bored so if you want exact replicas (recommended), you need to get them from IFI. You have to buy the complete set of four (4) sprockets that came in the kit to get extras.
The on-line order form is at:
The part number is ROBOT-SPROCKETS-2005 and they’re $79.95 + shipping.

i saw the kit, but I want just one 28-tooth sprocket, do you know where I can get just one?

Your best bet is probably to find a team who isn’t going to be using all of their sprockets and offer them something for one. Again, the CD-Swap page may help you.

In order to get one, you’ll have to buy from a supplier such as Motion Industries. Then you’ll need to have it custom machined if you’re using the kit tranny. There’s a thread on it that explains some more specifics (along with some moaning and groaning on my and others’ parts) HERE.
If you’re not using the kit tranny, then you’re probably in good shape just buying a #35 28 tooth.

Thanks for your help. Please let me know if you want to trade 2 sprockets for anything.
Thanks again,
Team 706


IFI is now offering single sprockets for sale.