kit bot wireing

We are trying to wire the kit bot, and we need to know what motor goes to what pwm output on the rc? Also what ports to hook up the joy sticks to. Or better yet a detailed document that tells us how to wire the kit bot in its default configuration. We have the power cables wired, but we can’t seem to get the motors to run when we move the joysticks. If we hook up the victors to outputs 1 and 3 the motors will run constantly, but the joysticks have no control over them. Please help a team that can’t even drive their bot.

It depends on what default code you are running. I believe that for the default code without the camera, the PWMs that you want for ur drive train are 13-16. However, if you are using the default code with the camera, you want PWMs 11-12. If you look at the Default Routine () in user_routines.c you will find comments about which motors are connected to which pwm outputs.

This is in the code for the default program without the camera:
pwm13 = pwm14 = Limit_Mix(2000 + p1_y + p1_x - 127);
pwm15 = pwm16 = Limit_Mix(2000 + p1_y - p1_x + 127);

So hook up one side to pwm13 and/or 14 and the other side to pwm 15 and/or 16.

Also, Innovation First has a bunch of reference documents. Here is the robot controller reference guide which lists which pwms are connected to which joysticks in the default code.

Hope this helps!

try pwms 13 and 15 or pwms 11 and 12 depending on what default program you have loaded. Then the x and y joystick off of port 1 should control your motors.

Edit: Also make sure your x and y trim are set so the motors don’t run when idle.

How do you tell what type of code you are using, and where is the code you put on here because I could not find it. All I found was
/* Add your own code here. */


Putdata(&txdata); /* DO NOT CHANGE! */
in user_routines.c

The type of code you are using depends on where you get it from. The 2005 default code is posted on the IFI robotics site at if you scroll down to the bottom you should see a link to download the RC default user code. The code you posted does not look like any of the default code listed. I’m going to guess that you are using something else other than the default code. WHere did you get your code from? I would look for the robot_control () definition section. Somewhere in here it should show you what pwms are being changed in response to the joystick inputs. Then you can find out which pwms control the drive motors.

Edit: I think you are using kevin watson’s Navigation code. So your motors should run off of pwm 1 and 3 as you said you did. So did you try to adjust the trim to get the motors to stop moving? I haven’t really looked into that code yet so I’m not sure how it works. But it doesn’t look like you can control the motors with the joysticks.(???) Kevin would probably be able to explain how it works.

Thank for your help the problem has been solved and our robot is running great.