Kit Chassis 8" Traction Wheel Conversion

I’m looking for some experiences teams have had converting the kit chassis (AM14U3) from the last few years over to 8" COTS traction wheels. Our team is looking at using 8" wheels for Defense navigation and I’m trying to see if I can do a conversion with only COTS wheels and hubs while maintaining the standard frame wheel channel spacing (especially since AndyMark already sold out of the extended hex output shaft). I’m trying to keep things as close to the kit frame as possible since we do not have a strong mechanical skill set and our efforts would be better put into figuring out a manipulator than trying to do any custom chassis work that could potentially backfire.

It looks to me like the additional width and spacers needed for AM Plaction wheels rule them out. AM Performance wheels look like an option, though an expensive one and also sold out at the moment for dead axle.

I’ve looked over the VexPro guide for converting the AM14U2 to use VersaWheels and that looked the most promising. I think that you can do the same thing with substituting in 8" VexPro Traction Wheels and a 1/4" Plate Sprocket Mount VersaHub per wheel, but the recessed fitting for the hub to mount into is making it difficult for me to compare the Traction Wheel and VersaWheel overall widths.

If anyone has converted the kit chassis over to VexPro Traction wheels the last few years I’d love to hear your feedback on how well they work and fit, before we pull the trigger on it and have to cut away at the chassis because we miscalculated by 1/4".

We have used the vex wheels. I designed this spacer/adapter so the AM pulleys would sit flat against the vex wheels:

We also wanted wider wheels (sure you don’t?) so made new spacers and standoffs.

If you are having trouble getting the long hex output shafts, I know our team did, they are relatively easy to machine for anyone with a Lathe. I know that we are quite a distance away, but I can make some long output shafts for you if you are willing to pay for materials and shipping. It would probably be best to ask around for teams closer, but we are here if you need it.