Kit Drive Assembly

I’m working with another rookie team today and we can’t find any directions on how to assemble the kit drive system, specifically the transmissions. We found the video but we’re on a dial up connection so it’s taking forever to download. Does anyone know where we can find assembly instructions. We’re kinda stuck until we have them. All those people that have it done how’d you know what to do? Thanks.


Also… The pics Vince are uploading appear to use 1 speed controller per motor (as would make sense). That means… all four are used up on the drive system!!!

How can this be? I mean, we can use the 884’s from last year, but rookie teams are left with no spares?

Am i right?

You can buy more from innovation first, The rules only count victors as cost no limit on how many, till you run out of budget. Spares don’t count as budget items as I recall.

Oh, I know we can buy them. It’s just one more thing to do…

Can the kit be run with only one motor? <edit>per side, that is</edit>

Yes, they can be run with one motor per gearbox.

Here is the link:

KitBot instructions, transmission instructions and lots more help…