Kit Not Arrived yet...

Hey everyone, My team in las vegas has not recieved our kit of parts yet from UPS (it is now wednesday afternoon). Now, i am aware that it does take quite a few days to get from the East Coast to here in the southwest. but i was wondering if there are any other teams that have not recieved their kits. Could there be a problem with our account number? I was told i could use my UPS Store’s Account Number (since i know the owner of the store). But the shipping address and the billing address are two different things. Are there any other teams on the west coast that shipped their kit and havent recieved it yet? Thanks a bunch.

have a good one. good luck everyone


We are in syracuse and we have not received our kit yet either.
Then again there is no school today (-23 degrees this morning!! :ahh: ) so it could be sitting there waiting.

I would call UPS at 1-800-PICK-UPS and follow their automated menu. They may be able to either track your package more accurately, or at least be able to tell you where to find it.

ares havent coem in yet either i live in ft. lauderdale they said it suppose to be to us on thursday

Team 801 has not received one yet either. And they are not being sent UPS its FedX all the way. I called first and they said that the kits were being send out 2nd day FedX on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday this week. They said that if we dont get it by monday then call them and get a tracking number. I dont think that this is very fair. Our team is waiting for the kit.
Drew Hopman
President of team 801

last year our team could not get into our sponsor site for the whole first week - so we had to meet at the highschool in a classroom

so we spent all that time analysing the game, the scoring, and figuring out exactly what we wanted our robot to do, then we figured out how to make mechanisms that could do the ‘what’ part.

it forced us to think things through, we couldnt start building anything anyway - but it worked out well - we hit the shop floor running and knew exactly what we wanted to build

so not getting your kit for a couple days - maybe its a good thing?

I tend to agree, though it’s nice to look and perhaps toy with components… mostly of the parts on our team have only been touched to be put away…

You’ll only be behind if you haven’t started brainstorming (well, around this time, finalizing a design concept).

No fear, you can do it! :slight_smile:


We haven’t recieved our kit, but it takes awhile to get them to FIRST teams in Hawaii. It’s a slight dissadvantage, but we have A LOT of time to brainstorm. It’d be nice for the Programmers to start playing with the sensors in the kit on the EDURobot. Maybe they could send those out FIRST :smiley:

thanks everyone, as it turned out today, we did get our kit in, via FedEx. i guess i changed our account number too late, oh well. thanks for everyone’s input.

good luck