Kit of parts chassis

Does anyone know where I can find a kit of parts chassis without the gearbox in it because my team is using shifting gearboxes for our robot.

You take the kit of parts chassis, and you swap out the gearboxes for shifting ones.

Or you go to and dig through the parts list to find the frame parts you need.

If this is just for CAD purposes, you can delete the Toughbox Assemblies from the AM14U5 model and constrain your own shifting gearboxes.

If you are planning on purchasing an AM14U5 without gearboxes than you can get that at the link below.

AM14U5 with No Gearboxes

Do you know where to find the sonic shifter that is on AndyMark because they don’t have any cad for it on their website

They have a number of the individual components.

am-2506 through am-2510

I can check on Monday but give this a try.


Thanks that work

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