Kit Of Parts Drive Train For Sale

Hello team 316 has a brand new AM drivetrain that is included in the kit of parts. It is unopened. We forgot to opt out so our loss is your gain. We will sell at a large discount of course. Feel free to message me and we can work something out.


It’s still available.

How much would you want the Drivetrain and kit of parts for?

We are only selling the AM14U5 drivetrain not the whole kit of parts. Andymark sells them for $699 so we were selling it for $500 shipped but offers are welcome. If you’re a rookie team it’s your’s for $400. We’ll also throw in 4 unused CIMs if you want them too. Let me know if you have any questions!


Yes and dm me or mmarandola If you are interested.

I’ll give teams first crack at this, but if it’s still there by the end of the week I’m interested at that price.

I’ll keep you updated


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For anyone else who may need one they are back in stock at AndyMark as of this post.

If anyone in New England needs a 2022 KOP chassis we have an extra for sale or trade as well.

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