Kit of parts - gear specs

Maybe it is just me but I cannot find the specs for the gears that came with the kit. Can someone please tell me what the diameteral pitch & pressure angle is for the gears that came with the kit (especially the one that goes on the CIM motor).

The provided gears are of 20 diametral pitch and 14.5* pressure angle. I am currently searching for something documenting their face width.

Arent they 3/8"?

I imagine that they are 3/8" face width gears as is typical of 20 DP gears from most suppliers, but I haven’t been able to confirm it. I suppose I could always measure the provided Inventor models, but that isn’t really a primary source for dimension information, as far as I’m concerned.

thank you for the reply, it just seemed that the other gears besides the CIM one s were 20 deg pressure angle (by looking at the virtual kit of parts)

Please read the “2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Kit Transmission Manual” located at

Page 1-2 tells you the gear ratios, diametral pitch, and sure angle on in the first sentance of the second paragraph.

As for the dimensions of the gears, please see section 5. All the drawings are in that section.