KITBOT assmenly

We have assembled the chassis but we can not find where to place the Toughbox gears.
Can you guys help please?

Unfortunately, as of last night, the chassis assembly instructions do not provide any clues on how to mount the Tough box transmissions. You will find included in your Kit o parts (look at the annotated checklist) some aluminum mounting brackets for the transmissions. Let me see if I can describe how to use them without a picture.

1 bracket is narrow, the other is broad and flat with 45 degree bends on either end. The big bracket is called the top mounting bracket. If you are going to drive your wheels with a chain, and your wheels will be mounted in standard positions (like in the documentation) then you will want to mount the transmissons so that the output shafts hang over where the wheels are. The big mount bracket has small holes on one tab that align with the upper transmission housing bolts (positioned at the output shaft side of the transmission). If your transmission is placed as described above, this should cause the other end of the big mounting bracket to bridge the wheel well at a 45 degree angle and mate smoothly with the outter frame bar.

The smaller bottom bracket also as two smaller holes on one side that align with the transmission mounting bolts. After figuring out how to position the BIG bracket, the smaller one should be obvious.

Did this help at all? Maybe someone can post a picture to erase my 1000 words!

This post can help to explain one way of mounting the Toughboxes.

An update was made to this page:

It links to an image showing this mounting:

Thank you so much Mr. Martus!

I finally know what the stiffeners are for