Kitbot Slippery on "Orange Peel" HDPE

For anyone who has gotten the HDPE that makes up the HAB platform do you have any feedback on how the kitbot wheels perform on it? A video would be amazing (@Andy_Baker)! We are considering getting different wheels to help with this potential problem. Ideally they would be an easy replacement on the standard kitbot if anyone has any suggestions we would love to hear them!

I have seen this discussion and would love any advice above and beyond specifically kitbot related.

If I’m correct, and I might not be, the HDPE is the same as from the Power Up platform. If that is the case, then slippage isn’t noticeable. I drove a kitbot with standard wheels and it performed fine.

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I tested a lot of wheels on the FIRST Capital Ri3D stream on last year’s HDPE platform – there are a bunch of twitch clips showing this in FUN’s twitch archive. White HiGrip wheels grip well to (at least that particular) HDPE.