KK offering free donut June 1

June 1 is National Doughnut Day and participating Krispy Kreme stores are offering customers a free donut of their choice! Will Dave be first in line? :slight_smile:

The question is not whether Dave will be first in line, but how many lines can Dave be in? :yikes:

All of them.


It was only a matter of time. Dave, will you bust out your cloning machine now?

I think a certain DeLorean DMC-12 would be a better choice. That way, it’s always free donut day. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a minute, our KK always give you free dough nuts right off the line. Sort of a promotion type of thing. I should know, I have gone in, got the free one, and left before.

EDIT: Also Dave has a craft that is able to go thousands (millions?) of miles per hour. You guys forgot that.

:ahh: WOW! I didn’t know. Thanks so much for the info, I’m off to K.K.!!!:ahh:

Our KK right up the street from my house used to give a free one to every customer, but I think they have since stopped because too many people were going in just for the free one…:yikes:

That offer is typically limited to a plain glazed doughnut, and only when the machine is running hence the HOT, FRESH, NOW! sign. This sounded like it was a doughnut of your choice… and anytime during the day. But I haven’t gone there today, because I’m quite content with a plain glazed krispy kreme when it is hot off of the line!

Our local KK closed. Now we get frozen then thawed Kroger KK donuts.