Knee Pads

I have searched the FIRST Q&A and on this site but haven’t found anything. It may be on the PDF files but they make this computer freeze for some odd reason. I was wondering if it is legal for the person handing the shooter the balls to wear knee pads or any other kind of protection for knees.

Rule <G10> states: HUMAN PLAYERs cannot be aided by any object or ther person.

So take that as you will but if you’re using the knee pads for protection I do not believe that would be in violation of the rules.

If it assists them with shooting the balls in any way then no you may not. If you are wearing them for a costume, or so you don’t hurt your knees they are fine.

The rule about nothing helping the human players was designed to keep people from standing on top of three foot boxes and shooting, or using mechanical throwers.

FIRST is for protection of players and people involved i’m sure they wouldn’t mind some extra protection

What’s your logic with this? So the human player can quickly drop to his knees to reach for the balls?

Protection, maybe?

Well if you keep bending down to pick up balls, some people have to get down on their knees. A little protection for the knees know will keep them going a little longer. I don’t see anything in the rules that say this would be illegal. I think this would be a smart thing for everyone to do.

When we practice, I’m usually the one to pass the balls to the shooter. I have found it easier to be on my knees than to just keep bending over. Our carpet on our practice feild doesn’t run all the way back into our station and I’m usually on concrete. It starts to hurt after a little bit, especially if you have to move around to get the balls becuase you want to stay down and not block the shooters view of the goals.

I think I will try to post something about this on the FIRST Q&A tomorrow…