Knocking down opponents ringers

There is no rule saying we couldn’t knock down the opponents ringers that are leaning on your side of the field. Considering this it would be a good strategy to knock them down as long as you dont plow through the ringers.:confused:

Nothing I have read on the rules prohibits this. It would make it harder for a team to pick them up. If there was one rule that would make this action iffy, would be the controlled herding rule. Technically you’re not herding, but it could be conserved that way.

I was just thinking about this, you could easily make sure it wasn’t herding if you had something stick out of the side of your bot so you can just sideswipe them over.

I was thinking the same with the sideswiping.
An it isnt herding if you only have one ring in your pocession at a time.

I’ve not heard anything about that either. It came up in our strategy discussion yesterday, sounds like it would work fairly well.

I dont believe there is a rule against it and we actually discussed this yesterday as a team. It could be a good strategy to just knock down the leaning tubes making it harder to pick up, which i believe is in the spirit of competition, but i also believe there will be some type of ruling about knocking multiple at once since you can not be in possesion of another alliances ringers and in possesion is defined as a robot touching the ringers even along the floor so if you do knock them down purposely I think a penalty will be called against you unless the ref sees it as being an accident.

It’s likely that if you are not holding one and you don’t end up carrying the opponent’s, you should be able to knock them over and that will make it a little harder to pick them up. If that is permissable under the rules, that is an additional few seconds per ring. Could make the match a little more tense.