Know Unity- Looking to make a difference

I am the Director for the FIRST Tech Challenge in Illinois. We’re looking for interns who know unity well and can help us further develop our robot simulator Virtual Robot Simulator Platform . The Virtual Robot Simulator (VRS-and how to use it) teaches students how to code in a dynamic process that replicates the FIRST Tech Challenge game environment. The VRS uses the competitive sports model to energize kids to help them develop the passion and skills that will prepare them for the good, high-paying jobs. Our VRS activities are exciting, challenging and the culminating project occurs at center court (the 10 key lessons).

But to make this a reality, we need some help tweaking the Unity aspect of the project. I’m looking for interns who can delve into the unity code and make the game more functional and usable.
VRS team application

I’m looking forward to meeting you. see also our website

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