Hey guys,

My friends and I have created a set of Java tutorials and practice resources over the summer. I wanted to share this resource here because this can be helpful with training rookies without programming knowledge.

“Another set of programming tutorials” you might say. Yes and No. These tutorials are different in that they often focus on broader concepts with the use of analogies, while also teaching Java.

This resource is accessible at kodeknodes.com and you can also subscribe to our youtube channel if you find our content useful (KodeKnodes - YouTube). There is a set of content of the website. The plan is to add content every other week starting 25th september.

We will be starting with the basics and building all the way up to more complex concepts such as object oriented programming and an short intro to data structures. This content is simplified enough to a middle schooler level of understanding (It has been tested and the results are positive!). Furthermore, multiple industry professionals have reviewed this and given great feedback on this.

If your team chooses to use this resource, just send me a dm saying that you are. It would mean a lot :). Also feel free to provide feedback on this thread or via dms.

-KodeKnodes Team


More content and features were added to the website last night. You can now sign up in case you guys would like to keep track of your progress.

  • KodeKnodes Team

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