Konnect the Kinect?

I am having the issue of figuring out how to connect the Kinet on the robot. power and conectivity. Any ideas?

Unless you have an enormous amount of free time, putting the Kinect on the robot at this time is probably not advised. There are a number of challenges:

-Mount the Kinect in a way to keep it alive (in general, the Kinect is designed to sit on a table and have people move around, not move around itself or get involved in 10-20 ft/s collisions)
-Get one of the cables to split the connector into power and data
-Power the Kinect off of the Power Distribution Board
-Plug the (now USB) cable into a computer of some sort, like a tiny laptop or single board computer running Windows 7, .NET framework, and Visual Studio (so it can use the Kinect SDK)
-Mount, power (again from the power distribution board), and program the computer which will be running on the robot
-Interface that computer and the cRIO across a serial port or Ethernet port
-Program the cRIO to understand these signals and take action

These are some pretty non-trivial challenges. Search around these forums, you’ll find people have been discussing it for a few days now, and I’d say it’s a lot of work for not too much reward.

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