Kool-Aid scented shoes. OH YEAH!!!


I definitely like the colors of those, and I have been known to buy team color shoes in the past just because I can…

Hmm… :smiley:


I kind of wonder who came up with this idea. Was it Reebok or Kool-aid? Either way, it is interesting.

That is awsome:eek:

Oh No
Why would do you that so you can go up to someone and say wherever i step the ground smells like kool-aid?

Wait, isn’t there a different thread for “Things that are unnecessary?”

Yes, there is! And it is the greatest thread OF ALL TIME!

Seriously, though; this thread reminds me: Would anyone like to invest in my “Flavored Envelopes?” I mean, wouldn’t it be nice to taste, say, cotton candy instead of that horrible bland taste?

What the heck? Who ever thought that was a good idea! Why would ANYONE want scented shoes?

Why not the “new car” smell? That might be a bit ironic.