Check out this site…

It’s a remote controll mini fridge bot controlled by a users request via wireless network.

Can you say Dew

Very cool. I want one! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems cool, but a tad overkill.

This is what roommates are for. “Yo… toss me a soda” :wink:

Now all it needs to do is climb stairs. How funny would that be walking up the stairs to class and seeing a refrigerator coming down on the other side. 8am classes are bad enough, but seeing that so early might freak out some people :ahh: . haha.

I would ever have to get up !

A new word to LAZY :ahh:

Just think what else they may come up with. A microwave, Mr Coffee, a toaster, a dishwasher…

You could wake up and summon all of them to bring you your toast, your coffee, your jelly, even to wash your dishes. Talk about freaking someone out, just imagine several appliances following each other down the hall. I thought it was bad enough when my washer gets off balance and starts walking with a mind of it’s own! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, I can also imagine what could happen if you have pets. :smiley:

The perfect addition to any home. (or dorm) I want one!

If this refridgerator is ever placed on the production line, that would make an excellent commercial, heh. Imagine, you are late for class so you are the only one walking down a hallway. You round a corner and see this moving fridge. Everything becomes silent and you slowly and edgily turn your head to look at the moving fridge as it strolls by you. The fridge does the same motion and gives the viewer a sense of just how eerie the situation is. Then the typical commercial voice over fades in and says something along the lines of, “Koolio. It dares you to dream.” lol.

Cool, but I’d rather get a Segway.

Hahahahaha. I think my dogs would try to eat it. :ahh:

haha earlier tonight i saw a segment on this on TechTV, and they were saying that since most of the needed electronics are in an independent box in the back of the fridge, and small appliance or eletrical device should beable to be made into Koolio. Chris Leary said he wanted a Koolio with a soft serve ice cream machine in it…

Uh no, that’s one step closer to me never leaving my bed. Just use Peapod.com to order grocieries, he puts them in Mr. RoboFridge, and I eat whenever I want, without moving an inch.
Someone invent a RoboTrachCan and RoboBather, then I’m set.

lol That 8 am class thing seems perfect for RoboCoffee lol. A little coffee pot that drives around and serves you coffee and maybe a donut or soemthing.

That would be awesome…

But I think it would kinda look like one of the bombs from mario brothers 3 driving around.

I quote (originally about the telephone, but should hopefully be true about the koolio)
"These things might be so populra that i believe in a few years , every town will have one!

Laziness is the mother of invention.

Strap it onto one of Dean’s iBots…

Strap it onto one of Dean’s iBots…

And stock it full of FIRST’S water :-\ lol