KOP 12" Lazy Susan Vs. FIRST Choice 12" Lazy Susan

This is sort of a PSA since I got to compare the Lazy Susan that we all got in the KOP to the one available in FIRST Choice. While the part numbers are different they are remarkably similar. They are the same diameter, as far as I can’t feel a difference holding them concentric. All the holes that are on the one in the KOP are also on the one in FIRST Choice and they line up. The one in FIRST Choice seems to have an additional hole pattern on it, and have a slightly different surface finish as well as fewer crimps, those are the only differences I can tell by eye. They also feel about the same when spun. If you were looking for a second Lazy Susan to replicate the Control Panel game element I don’t see any reason why this one wouldn’t work just fine for you. Photos at this link. The one on the right in both pictures is from the KOP.

Source Triangle mfg part number
FIRST Choice 12C9045G
KOP black tote 12D10346
Official field drawings 12D6234



@jtwagz28 If you are still at the company, could you comment on any performance differences between these 3 products?

Triangle Mfg confirmed to me that the Lazy Susan supplied in the kits is the same one supplied in FIRST Choice (part # 12D10346), which means that FC website has a typo on the product page. So it should be exactly the same.

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This can’t be entirely accurate since they have a different amounts of holes, maybe an older revision? The ones in FC are a few years old now.

Ok, the guy at Triangle Mfg checked again and confirmed that 12C9045G is indeed a real bearing they make, it’s just not listed on their website. They have it in stock and it costs $7.30 a piece. Sorry for the confusion.

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