KOP Accelerometer with Arduino

Well I have spent a while banging my head into a wall trying to interface the KOP accelerometer with an Arduino to no avail. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this?
Davis Catherman

Does the KoP Accelerometer have an analog output? If so, read the voltage at the analog input of the Arduino, then do the simple multiplication (or division) to come to a useful value.

Otherwise, what kind of output does the accel have?

No it does not, but I have heard that the easier way to hook it up is via the 12C interface (4 pins).
I believe its the FIRST KOP accelerometer from 2011 but it was recent anyways (accelerometer + gyro combined).
Davis C

Ah, OK, I2C. First watch this, then read this (and the second part, chapter 21). That’ll help you make sense of I2C. Google can find other references too. Here is the programming reference. You’ll need to find the details of the accelerometer yourself…

You might also want to look into this item. This is the route we went…

Use the source Luke. If you check WPILib, its just an read through the analog:

float Accelerometer::GetAcceleration()
    return (m_analogChannel->GetAverageVoltage() - m_zeroGVoltage) / m_voltsPerG;